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The time and financial outlay expended on the establishment of a home or business premises are considerable. Whether for a small extension or refurbishment or the construction of an entire building, many people still do not appreciate the necessity of putting the terms of the agreement in writing, leaving the endeavour to a handshake and a possible written quotation.

Legislation such as the Building Work Contractors Act 1995 has simplified the process for parties to enter into legally binding building contracts, so as to minimise the risks of dispute. These may arise from eventualities such as delays, defective material, breaches of contract and unforeseen increases in cost.

Unfortunately matters do not always go to plan and this may result in fragmentation of the relationship between the parties. When such a situation arises, it is prudent to seek legal advice where the skills of an experienced negotiator may resolve the conflict. When either builder or property owner choose to terminate the contract, such severance must be conducted within the terms of the contract, ensuring that proper notices are served between the parties. In these instances, Nathan White Lawyers seek to limit the acrimony and costs of dispute resolution to provide acceptable outcomes for the parties involved.