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Franchising is a method of doing business based on a continuing relationship between a franchisor, the owner of the company, and the franchisee. The franchisor provides the goods or services for a fixed period and use of the company name. Training is provided along with assistance in management skills. For this service, the franchisor takes an agreed financial return from the business and expects the consistency of the brand to be maintained.

Franchising is a useful business tool for those looking to expand their business but not wanting to take on the full commitment of moving into a new territory or market. For those seeking to become self-employed, but unable to afford periods with reduced income whilst they establish a business, franchising is a workable alternative.

The franchisor needs to ensure that a business model exists to protect the business from errant franchisees, and a franchisee must ensure that the system into which they are buying is one that will provide the support needed to be successful operators, not just glorified employees.

Nathan White has worked within the system for a number of years and firmly believes that the key to successful franchising is the understanding that one party cannot survive without the other. To this end, he brings the sound voice of reason and experience to facilitate both.