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Nathan White has extensive personal experience in commercial leasing across Australia, having worked in-house for a national franchisor, dealing with their portfolio of almost 300 outlets.

It is of paramount importance when leasing an investment property to ensure that the lease agreement protects your investment. If you operate a business from leased premises then that lease is often the most valuable asset of your business as, without premises from which to operate, you have no business.

State laws vary in Australia and it is sensible to consult a lawyer to avoid any legal pitfalls. The rental you pay is liable to be a large proportion of your business expense; the terms must work for you. Considerations such as the rental sum, rent free periods, renewal options and possible sub-leasing are all open to negotiation.

Whether you are the landlord or the tenant, the lease agreement should be fair and equitable for all parties, thereby maintaining a satisfactory relationship throughout the prescribed term.