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There is often injury sustained through no fault of your own; you slip on a damp supermarket floor, you damage a tooth on a cherry stone left in a sauce, you are a passenger in a motor vehicle accident. The effects of these incidents may range from comparatively minor inconveniences through to life changing events. Equally, you may be involved in a work place injury involving unsafe equipment or through poor work place procedures.

The injury may cause on going trauma, stress and psychological problems. Time away from work to recuperate may result in loss of income or leave entitlements at a time of increased expenses, and social interaction with family and friends may be limited through incapacitation.

You wonder whether you should seek compensation but have no idea as to how to claim or what resources may be available. Then there is the worry about how people like your employer may react if the injury is work related. You wonder how a claim might affect your future employment prospects or even health fund.

A friend suggests speaking to a solicitor and this is where Nathan White Lawyers are able to assist with comprehensive knowledge of personal injury compensation law. An experienced solicitor is able to negotiate through the claim pathways to have your case appropriately represented. It is not only necessary to consider the immediate impact of the injury you have sustained, but also to look at any potential long range effects.

There may be extensive medical costs, physiotherapy, medications and equipment required. If the injury is serious, your ability to travel may be affected along with the need for assistance with the activities of daily living. An Occupational Therapist may be employed to make any necessary changes to your home, wheel chair access for example and hand rails in bathrooms.

Nathan White Lawyers will take you through the process of your claims with the necessary support and experience gained from a comprehensive knowledge of personal injury law. In some instances, it is possible to offer the ‘No Win – No Fee’ option.